There are very few things as rewarding as sitting down in front of your computer, logging into your email and finding receipts for money that has come into your Paypal account. With a few quick clicks, it's transferred to your bank account. And all you have to do afterwards is send a couple emails, and perhaps package something into a box or envelope and address it.

Yes, eBay is wonderful as a venue for sales. As long as you have the right product and can make enough profit with whatever you sell, it is the road to extra wealth, perhaps even a full living.

It can get a little overwhelming sometimes, trying to work out how to find things to sell on eBay, how to get things listed effectively, how to get photos that come out right, even how to deal with a buyer when they purchase something. Then there are the questions as to where to get inventory to sell. And if things aren't selling, what to do about it.

This is where a personal coach can make all the difference. Particularly a coach who has been through it all, from having nothing selling for a whole week, to selling out of a popular item within days at unheard of prices.

I have been doing coaching on eBay for some time now, and have had great success in helping my trainees learn the things they need to do to make more money on eBay, learn tricks to get things to sell, and finding inventory. I have spent many, many hours studying all the ins and outs of selling on eBay, as well as studying many business techniques and how to write sales copy. I 6Xed my income from last year's sales this year so far!

Yes, it takes work. This is not some magic thing that produces income overnight with you sitting around doing nothing. Although that would be fun, things don't really work that way, despite what all these scams try to sell you.

But, even with some work, it makes things a lot easier to get going on building your business when you have a mentor helping you out. And with what you need help with, not taking you in other directions that you aren't interested in travelling.

I am an eBay Powerseller and proudly display an eBay Powerseller sticker on the back window of my car. And I am offering special personal one-on-one coaching for you to get you selling on eBay and making some money! One of my trainees is now a Power Seller, you can be too!

This is the most personalized and tailored-to-you learning that you can get! And you could be well on your way to making a living sitting in your own home and selling items to customers from your computer!

People seem to be at various levels when it comes to eBay selling. Some never have even logged on or browsed, but they know they have things to sell and would like to learn. Some have already sold everything they have around the house and want to try their hand at more. Some have already sold a lot, but never really made any money to speak of and feel they used up their time for little profit.

Well, I can help you change all that, no matter your current level of selling!

I will cover whatever you need help with. Whether it is just starting out and getting those first items listed, if you want help in what titles to use to attract buyers, even when to list items, and how you can get people fighting over your item and driving up the price. Do you need to know where to get shipping supplies such as boxes and packing materials, free? I will even give you tips on getting rave positive feedback. I can give you tips that can't be beat on all aspects of selling, and tailored to you and your needs!

You may ask, "How do I know you will do a good job if I will be competing with you?" Well, the answer is that the chances of us selling the same things and competing with one another in the marketplace are very slim. There are a lot of products out there!!

I will walk you through the whole process! You can find great items for $10 or less and sell them for $50! Or more! (And I am not talking about becoming an antique specialist either!)

The tips and hints and instruction I will give you will send you on the way to whatever you want to make of your new career. And wouldn’t even $200 a week extra be a great benefit to you now? And for only a few hours of work each week?

Okay. Here's the price. The first week of coaching is only $20. Get your feet wet and get some great help for as little as half of what you pay for some of those eBay selling guides out there. You've probably already read all that stuff anyhow. If you want an additional week, it is only another $35.

But the best deal is getting a full month. That way we can really make some progress in building your business, and you save this way too! For $85.95 get a full 30 days of personal coaching. Let’s team up to get you making extra income. It is great fun and I love nothing more than helping you learn!

You too can achieve great results from your auctions and have folks coming back to bid again and again. Even better than having a garage sale! And a lot more profitable!!

You will be a STAR SELLER in no time!!

Hire me now as your coach and let's get started!

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